Behind the brand: meet Isida, the founder of Pashmisy ….

Welcome to Pashmisy, an expression of timeless fashion.

I’m Isida, the founder and creative director, committed to bringing you effortless glamour, the Italian way. To know Pashmisy is to know me, so read on for the insights and inspiration as woven through my collections.

After a career honing my creative flair, working with major players in the interior design industry, the drive to expand my vision further was a natural progression. Building upon my instinct for design, combining it with my passions and love of luxury accessories, Pashmisy was created.

Pashmina + Isida = Pashmisy

What’s in a name? Our brand name is more than just a word; it's a blend of heritage and identity. The name Pashmisy is a fusion of ‘pashmina’ and my name, ‘Isida.’ Combining these elements symbolises the essence of our brand: luxurious, high-quality fabrics; commitment and creative vision. Pashmisy is a brand that encapsulates the fusion of tradition and innovation, heritage and individuality. Therefore the brand name is a declaration of our unique identity.

Like many of you reading this, I am a woman of deep passion and love for all things beautiful.  The mission behind Pashmisy was sparked by a personal quest for exquisite Italian pashminas, foulards, and scarves in the UK. Growing up in Italy instilled in me a deep appreciation for the unparalleled quality these accessories should exude. Fueled by this commitment to excellence, I ventured to bridge the gap and bring a touch of Italian finesse to the heart of London.

My earliest lessons in design were rooted in Italian culture, affording me an appreciation for intricate detail and how a little luxury goes a long way. How lucky I have been to learn about true craftsmanship from local, Italian artisans.  Growing up in a quaint town nestled in the beauty of the Dolomites in Northern Italy was the perfect tapestry of inspiration for Pashmisy. Think mesmerising mountain ranges, majestic peaks, hues of ethereal beauty and charming cobblestone streets. The sense of tranquillity and timeless elegance against this picturesque backdrop inspired the palettes that Pashisy has become so well known for: the soft pastels of dawn reflecting on the limestone cliffs, the deep greens of Alpine meadows and the rich earth tones of the surrounding forests. These palettes, imprinted in my memory, now breathe life into the luxurious scarves, pashminas and foulards of Pashmisy.

It was within the picturesque surroundings of Italy that I discovered my affinity for these items – not just as accessories but as conduits of joy and memories. Energised by vibrant and bold colours, I am an eternal optimist who believes in the power of style in transmitting happiness. Therefore, before the inception of Pashmisy, these elegant scarves were my go-to choices for gifts to loved ones, each carefully selected to reflect both the recipient's unique style. This personal tradition became the seed for Pashmisy, where every scarf is an expression of joy and connection.

Family owned and operated, with an unwavering emphasis on affordable luxury, Pashmisy has seamlessly brought effortless style to the streets of South West London. At the helm of this, I am a female founder driven by a vision to redefine elegance through accessible, high-quality accessories. As a young brand with aspirations as high as our meticulous standards, Pashmisy is not just about fashion; it's a reflection of the passion for ethical, responsible choices. Our commitment to weaving sustainability into the very fabric of our brand resonates in every piece we offer. By embracing the power of femininity and innovation, Pashmisy is carving its niche as more than a fashion statement – it's a celebration of the vivacity, elegance, and vision of the modern woman. 

It’s wonderful to have you here, joining us in our Italian story.



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