Terms Of Sale

1. Scope

These Terms of Sale apply to the sale of products made on www.pashmisy.com (the
“Site”) by Pashmisy Limited, 5A Connaught Avenue, London SW14 7RH (the “Seller”).

2. Acceptance
Orders are subject to these Terms of Sale and to any relevant legislation that may
apply at the moment when the order is completed. Customers are thus encouraged to review these Terms of Sale in detail before finalizing an Order.

The Seller retains the right to alter the content of these Terms of Sale at any given
time. The version of the Terms of Sale available on the Site at the time the Order is
submitted will apply to that specific Order.

3. Products
The Seller is committed to maintaining the accuracy of all information presented on
the Site - such as, for instance, product descriptions and prices - at all times. In the
unlikely event of an error in any of the information presented on the Site, the Seller
will make every effort to promptly address any ensuing issues.

Please be aware that the images and photographs published on the Site are meant for illustrative purposes only. There may be occasional, minor variations between the image or photograph of a product and the actual item (e.g., concerning the product's color). Our Customers are encouraged to carefully review product descriptions to gain a better understanding of each product's characteristics and features. The products featured on this Site are not meant for resale.

4. Order
During the checkout process for an order, Customers are required to accurately
complete all the mandatory fields in the order form. All personal information provided to execute an order must be truthful, precise, and up-to-date.

By submitting an order, the Customer is making an offer to the Seller for the purchase of one or more products on the Site. The Seller reserves the right to accept an order at its discretion, without the need to provide a justification in case of order refusal. For instance, the Seller may decline an order if unable to deliver the parcel to the specified destination or if there is suspicion of fraudulent activity associated with the order.

Upon receiving an Order, the Seller will send an email to the Customer to confirm
receipt of the Order. It's important to note that this email does not constitute
acceptance of the order by the Seller.

The contract of sale for products between the Seller and the Customer shall be
deemed finalized only when the Customer receives a confirmation email from the
Seller, notifying them of the shipment of the Products (the 'Confirmation Email').

The Confirmation Email contains all the necessary information on the order, including the list and prices of the products purchased, any associated delivery costs, the customer details, the delivery address, and any other relevant information. Additionally, the Confirmation Email includes a unique order identification number that Customers should mention in any communication with the Seller. Customers should promptly verify the accuracy of the information provided in the Confirmation Email and quickly inform the Seller of any errors. The Seller may, at its discretion, separately apply any additional costs incurred due to inaccuracies in the information provided by the Customer.

5. Pricing
Product prices are displayed on the Site, during the checkout process, and in the
Confirmation Email. Delivery costs are presented to the Customer at the time of order checkout and are also stated in the Confirmation Email. The cost of each shipment may vary based on factors such as the delivery destination and the shipping method. Please be aware that any price adjustments apply only to orders executed after the price change is posted on the Site and cannot be applied retroactively. The Seller retains the right to decline an Order in case of any error in the price listed on the Site, even when mentioned in the email confirming the receipt of the Order.

6. Invoicing and Payment method
Payment for orders can be made by the following methods:
- Credit Card;
- Paypal;
- Apple Pay.

The Seller will debit the purchase price and any other applicable costs only at the time when the order is accepted. However, the Seller retains the right to perform security checks on the chosen payment method by the Customer, apply pre-authorization, or make an advance charge for precautionary purposes. The Seller relies on primary payment gateways to authorize payments for all orders. This means that the Seller does not directly handle any financial information related to the Customer's payment method, nor does the website process any financial information provided by the Customer. To ensure the highest level of security, payment information transmitted over the internet is encrypted using SSL (Secure
Socket Layer) technology. All data is securely transmitted in an encoded form with an SSL certificate preventing interception or use by external parties. In the unlikely event of errors, negligence, or unlawful activities related to payments of orders by the payment gateway or intermediary payment systems, the Seller cannot be held responsible for such errors, negligence, or unlawful activities.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order if it detects a fraudulent use of
payment methods. Furthermore, the Seller should not be held accountable in those
cases where a third party engages in unauthorized use of a payment method.

7. Deliveries
The Seller delivers orders exclusively within the territory of the United Kingdom.
The Seller commits to dispatching the products promptly and, in any case, within a
maximum of 10 (ten) working days from the date when the order is received.
Shipments are delivered by a primary courier service provider. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination and, when indicated, are provided as estimates.
Occasional delivery delays may occur, for instance during the holiday season or due to adverse weather conditions, strikes, and other factors. The Seller cannot be held liable by the Customer, or any third party, for delays in fulfilling the order or in delivering the products that are linked to factors not under the Seller’s control. Unless otherwise agreed, deliveries are scheduled exclusively on working days. Delivery is completed when the parcel is made available to the Customer at the address specified in the order or at the different location agreed between the Customer and the courier. If the first delivery attempt fails because the Customer is unable to receive the order, the courier will send an email notification to the Customer and make a second delivery attempt. If the second delivery attempt is, too, unsuccessful due to the customer's inability to receive the order, our Customer Service will contact the Customer to offer assistance regarding the delivery of the order. If, for reasons attributable to the Customer, the order cannot be delivered 15 (fifteen) days after it becomes available for delivery, the contract of sale will be considered terminated unless the Seller and the Customer have otherwise agreed. In the event of such termination, the Seller will refund all payments received from the Customer. The Seller may choose to retain a portion of the payments to cover logistical costs associated with returning the order to the Seller’s warehouse. In this case, the Customer will be notified about the termination of the contract of sale via email. The applicable refund will be credited to the Customer using the payment method adopted for the order. Additional delivery attempts may be agreed between the Seller and the Customer for an additional fee.

8. Right of withdrawal (cooling off period)
Within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery, that is from the day on which the
Customer or a third party, other than the courier and designated by the Customer to
receive the products, acquires physical possession of the products, may perform their statutory right to cancel the contract of sale without incurring any penalty and without the need to provide a justification. The date of delivery, as indicated in the courier's tracking system, will be the sole decisive factor in determining whether the Customer asked to perform their right of withdrawal on time. Custom-made or personalized products cannot be returned and are outside the scope of the right of withdrawal. Unless in the case of a non-conforming product, please be aware that no product replacement is allowed. If a Customer wishes to exercise their right to withdrawal, they must first inform the Seller of their intention by email at: info@pashmisy.com

The Seller will provide the Customer with a courier label for the return of the
product(s). A shipping fee will be deducted from the purchase price refund. The
Customer Service will inform the Customer by email in advance about the amount of this fee. In no case Customers exerting the right to withdrawal shall dispatch any product without the prior approval of the Seller. The Seller will only accept returns of products that are in their original condition, not worn, stained, or damaged, and that do not exhibit defects or flaws not attributable to production. The Customer will be liable for any diminished value of the products resulting from handling the products other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. Returned products must include all original labels, security seals, packaging, and accessories (e.g., cases, etc.) received with the order. Products, labels, security seals, packaging, and accessories must not show any signs of use, damage, or alteration (e.g., washed, ironed, etc.). The Seller will exclusively accept returns of Products purchased on the Site. The Customer is responsible for returning the Products to the Seller within 14 (fourteen) days of notifying the Seller of their intention to cancel the Order or replace the Product.

The Seller commits to initiate the refund process within 14 (fourteen) days from the
date of receiving the returned Products or from the date when the Customer can demonstrate that the Products in suitable conditions have been returned, whichever is sooner. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method that the Customer used to place the Order.

If a Customer returns products without being entitled to exert the right of withdrawal, for instance, because the statutory 14-day term has expired or because the products have been worn or damaged by the Customer, the Seller will not accept the return. With the Customer's authorization, the Seller will return the Product that was illegitimately returned and apply any associated delivery costs to the Customer. In cases of multiple returns by the same Customer, the Seller reserves the right to decline any further orders from the same Customer.

9. Statutory guarantee
The Seller takes responsibility for any original defects in the Products.
The Seller guarantees that the Products are free from faults, flaws, and defects and
comply with the terms of the Sales Contract. Specifically, the Seller guarantees that the Products:
- Match with the description provided on the Site; and
- Are suitable for the purpose for which products of the same kind are normally
used; and
- Feature the standard quality and performance expected of goods of the same
kind, considering the nature of the products in question.

Minor variations between the description of a product on the Site and its actual
characteristics cannot be considered as valid grounds for a complaint of non-
conformity according to applicable law.

In the unlikely event that a non-compliant product is delivered, the Customer may
request that the product be brought into conformity, without incurring any costs,
through repair or replacement. If this is not feasible, the Customer is entitled to a price reduction or a full refund, including any delivery costs incurred. The statutory guarantee of conformity for the products featured on the website remains valid for 2 (two) years from the date of product delivery to the Customer. The Customer must inform the Seller of any non-conformity within 2 (two) months from the date of discovering the non-conformity. It is important to note that the Seller accepting the return of a product for verification of conformity does not automatically indicate the Seller's acceptance of the Customer's claim. The Seller retains the right to directly assess whether the product complies with the contract of sale once the product in question has been received by the Seller.

10. Processing of personal data
Users are strongly advised to thoroughly review the 'Privacy Policy' and “Cookie Policy” available on the Site. These documents provide Customer with valuable insights into how their personal data are handled and offer a deeper understanding of their data protection rights.

11. Customer feedback and complaints
Any customer feedback, suggestion or complaint to the Seller about an order should be submitted via email to: info@pashmisy.com