International Women’s Day 2024: invest in women; invest in yourself.

On this International Women's Day, Pashmisy invites you to celebrate more than just fashion. Let your style be a powerful reflection of your identity and independence.

International Women's Day calls for an opportunity to empower women and Pashmisy are joining the conversation. Ethical approaches are woven throughout the fashion industry and are central to everything we do … from fair trade to workforce equality …. from inclusion to planet-first practices. Responsibility matters. Therefore, Pashmisy recognise that our work is never complete and we remain committed to seeking new ways to contribute to the progression of women.

Supporting feminist change makers is also extended to supporting female founded brands and Pashmisy is just that.  Not that we ever need an excuse, but today is a day to celebrate ordinary women playing extraordinary roles, who are committed to their families and communities.  These women - women just like you and me - are leading with style. Effortless and timeless, just like the Pashmisy brand!

When it comes to celebrating women, fashion is more than just an accessory. Expression of style is about so much more than the clothes we’re wearing, it’s about the values that define us.


  • Embracing one's unique identity is at the heart of our celebration. Style becomes a canvas for self-expression, allowing women to showcase their individuality. Pashmisy's luxurious collection encourages every woman to embrace and express her distinct identity through the artistry of our exquisite pieces.


  • Personal style is a celebration of independence – the freedom to choose, explore, and define oneself. Pashmisy stands as a symbol of individuality, providing women with the choice to express their independence through timeless and elegant accessories that complement their journey.


  • Confidence is the ultimate accessory. Pashmisy believes in empowering women to walk with confidence, draped in pieces that not only accentuate their physical beauty but also boost their self-assurance. Our scarves and foulards are designed to enhance the confidence that radiates from within.


  • Every woman deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated. Pashmisy advocates for visibility, encouraging women to take centre stage with pride. Our collection is crafted to catch the eye, ensuring that each woman wearing Pashmisy is recognised for the value she adds.


  • Representation matters. Pashmisy is committed to celebrating the diverse beauty of women from all walks of life. Our collection reflects the richness of different cultures and styles, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that every woman feels represented and valued.


  • Style is a form of art and Pashmisy's collection serves as a palette for women to display their creative spirit. Whether it's through innovative scarf knots or unique styling, our pieces inspire women to explore and express creativity without limits.

Consider style as a narrative and think about your most loved looks from over the years - the memories they hold and feelings they evoke. The stories we tell with our most cherished looks are truly iconic.  


Timeless ⎸⎸ Elegant ⎸⎸ Versatile

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