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Ever wondered what influences the essence of our brand? Dive into the world of Pashmisy and hear about the inspiration from the founder herself. 

It has been said that Italian fashion is responsible for changing the landscape, one iconic look at a time, and who are we to argue with such a statement?! Just like this Italian story, Pashmisy is  an expression of timeless fashion, therefore it’s fitting that we begin this blog with the greatest of our influences: our Italian heritage! 

My earliest lessons in fashion were led by the true craftsmanship from local, Italian artisans. Growing up in a quaint town nestled in the beauty of the Dolomites in Northern Italy was the perfect inspiration for Pashmisy. These scenes, imprinted in my memory, now breathe life into the luxurious scarves, pashminas and foulards of Pashmisy. Beyond the serene landscapes of my upbringing, it's the iconic looks from film and screen that have further fueled the vision for my brand. From the timeless elegance of 1950s headscarves to the sun-drenched sartorial talent portrayed in The Talented Mr. Ripley, the Italian aesthetic exudes a timeless allure revered worldwide. While once deemed aspirational, the Italian look has become more accessible than ever, thanks to Pashmisy's commitment to offering a curated selection of the highest quality accessories.

So who is the muse behind our creations? At the heart of Pashmisy are people like you. Each scarf, foulard, and pashmina is imbued with the spirit of the modern woman – confident, independent, and unapologetically unique. It’s this power of femininity and innovation that shapes the vision for our collections.

Miuccia Prada herself described her 2024 fashion show as an exploration of modern beauty: ‘Not beauty, but beauties, an embracing of unique characters, the joy of life.’

We too are committed to bringing the joy and vibrance back to fashion.  In line with Miuccia Prada's vision, we too are dedicated to infusing joy and vibrancy back into the world of fashion. As a female-founded brand, our mission extends beyond aesthetics; we aim to empower women through style. Pashmisy transcends the realm of mere accessories; it serves as a celebration of the vivacity, elegance, and vision of the modern woman. With each piece, we strive to inspire confidence and encourage self-expression, empowering you to embrace your individuality and leave your unique mark on the world.

You are invited to become part of this story. Visit to view our full range of accessories and to spark your own inspiration and follow us on Instagram @pashmisylondon to see our looks in action.

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